Community Pharmacy in Madison, Alabama

cpA full service pharmacy where you can get your prescriptions filled, as well as a retail store offering vitamins, herbs, natural health and beauty products, and much, much more. (We’re a worker’s cooperative, too!)
“We are a worker’s cooperative whose mission it is to promote health. We believe in expanding the definition of health to include a right to eat, a right to a home, a right to a humane workplace, a right to a clean environment, and a right to move through that environment without fear of violence or silencing. Our work supports efforts to attain and maintain these rights for all people by supporting access to information, and financially supporting and lending our name to causes that reflect our goals.

We strive to maintain a humane workplace and minimize our impact on the environment. We work to make our pharmacy accessible in the context of a multi-cultural, physically and economically diverse community. We support physical, political, sexual, and spiritual freedoms, with our focus on maintaining options and choice.

It is our goal to provide a wide range of information and products for health, including the full continuum of health care options and philosophies.”

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