Sav-Rite Pharmacy LLC in Lackawanna, New York

I am pharmacy manager for Sav Rite Pharmacy, LLC in Lackawanna NY, located 5 minutes from Mercy Hospital on Abbott Road. We have celebrated our 2nd week (though week 1 ended on Monday due to “Snow-vember” shutting us down the rest of the week!) and are excited to serve the community and make a difference through the local, independent pharmacy.

I started in 3rd grade working in retail. My brother Matt and i started cleaning and dusting shelves at my dad’s corner convenience store. We were paid in baseball cards. It instilled in us a love for people and a love for the local small business. My wife and I have 5 children under age 7 and they are excited Daddy has his own pharmacy. My dad died of cancer 2 weeks after 9/11 and seeing this pharmacy from almost day 1 is bringing back a lot of good memories growing up with a family business. I don’t own this pharmacy, but it feels like it is part of me and I look forward to being here in the early beginnings.

We are here to help anyway we can. And we are here for you.

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Michael J. Ilardo RPh

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