Stories About Your Favorite Small Business

13 on Fifth in Luverne, Alabama

Collecting, we all do it in one way or another, starting at a young age with that little box of favorite things,,,a blue feather, a seashell,that funny shaped rock,,, keys, and those pretty colored buttons.We continue our passion as we travel through life.My passion since a young girl has been collecting now I share my… Read More


This is an on line mens’ suits business that provides an exceptional quality for the money that you spend. Their prices are extremely low for the quality of the products that they provide. Find out more about WWW.MENSSUITSMALL.COM in LOS ANGELES, California.

Innarah Skin Care in Stratford, Connecticut

Innarah® Inc. has formulated a unique technology known as biofermentation and perfected its fermented, anti-aging formulas and signature VenoDefense collection, which replicates the effects of snake venom using a botanical base with cutting edge ingredients such as Elk Antler Velvet, Ormus Gold, Plant Stem Cells and Marine Phytoplankton. The process is called Bioferm that is… Read More


Best kept secret in Wichita. Unique gifts and freshest flowers in town. Our family florist for generations past and I hope for many generations yet to come. Love the silk flowers that look so real you can’t tell them from the real thing. The staff is friendly and fun to work with for all occasions…. Read More

beauty is….an Aveda Salon in Indianola, Iowa

We are a small salon/spa team that love the industry, each other and our community…AND ..we do an amazing shampoo! Located in the Indianola community where we love and support our neighbors and guests! We do fundraising for many causes including the environmental issues such as clean water for our state and the world, schools,… Read More

Healthcareer Group in Norcross, Georgia

I am grateful and often overwhelmed by stories from my students. Everyday I receive text messages, emails, and phone calls from them telling me of their excitement. On yesterday morning, Angelica C. texted; “Good morning,…. Can’t talk I’m at work but just got great news!!!!!!….I got the job for labor and delivery surgical tech!!!! In… Read More

Spotless Castle in Astoria, New York

Spotless Castle is the best. They cleaned my 2 bedroom flat in no time at all. The fllors were shiny, they dusted the entire flat and the kitchen looked like when I first moved in. I strongly recommend Spotless Castle for your cleaning needs. The results were far and above any cleaning service I had… Read More

the glass slipper in glenside, Pennsylvania

very cute shop with great prices on unique jewelry and accessories. michelle the owner is helpful. a great addition to the keswick village shops. Find out more about the glass slipper in glenside, Pennsylvania.

seguin refrigeration in San Antonio, Texas

It was 1 year ago 1 day before thanksgiving when my refrigerator decided to die out on me, and all my family was coming to spend thanksgiving day with me at my home. I called several places and they were giving me outrageous prices just to come out and check my fridge. My friend told… Read More

Cato Clothing in Seagoville, Texas

When Cato came to Seagoville I was so excited, we had not had a dress shop in Seagoville since the 80s. We had a precious little shop called “Rags for Dolls”, and I was blessed to have worked there for quite a while. Cato was and has remained to be tops with me and many… Read More